Gainsborough Wedding Fairs

The following is a list of wedding events in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.

Those living in Beckingham, Blyton, Corringham, East Stockwith, Heapham, Knaith, Lea, Morton, Pilham, Saundby, Springthorpe, Sturton le Steeple, Upton, Walkeringham and Walkerith are just a short journey from the event(s) listed below.

We are not aware of any wedding fairs currently scheduled in Gainsborough. If you know of a wedding fair we should feature then please let us know. Please bookmark this page to check back later.

Gainsborough Fact File
Being close to the Danish stronghold at Torksey, the Vikings used Gainsborough as an administrative centre, and during the Anglo-Saxon period, Gainsborough was one of the capital cities of Mercia
The Trent Aegir is a tidal bore which reaches as far upstream as Gainsborough. The bore could be connected with King Canute's alledged attempt to turn back the tide at Gainsborough
Gainsborough Old Hall was built between 1460 and 1480 after Thomas Burgh acquired the manor of Gainsborough in 1455. The hall is a timber-framed medieval strong house
In the past, Gainsborough was the most inland ports in England (being more than 55 miles from the North Sea), trading downstream with Hull